Restaurant Promotion and Advertising — Exactly What Makes Restaurant Advertising Effective


Restaurant advertising may be effective, but like most restaurant marketing activities it ought to be applied in the right way. Campaigns that only develop a brand name and have no specific reason behind being are to the big restaurants that curently have a graphic. And just ignore all of those ad sales reps that can come begging for the restaurant marketing money to place an advertisement in another guide or newspaper. Remember this: If advertising isn’t about making a sale, or achieving a certain goal, then don’t practice it.

Your ought to be about performance; your customer need to do something following your advertisement. Which means that you need to first have a system for tracking and measuring the success of a nearby restaurant marketing strategy, a compelling message as well as a clear call to action that motivates your restaurant customer to do something. By we mean telling the potential customer exactly what to do. For each part of a nearby restaurant promotion, whether an advertisement, the classifieds a brochure, or even an email, you must ask the possibility customer to make contact with you, make a reservation, arrived at your restaurant, refer you or take some kind of action. Otherwise it’s a complete waste of your precious restaurant marketing budget and you’d be better off doing another thing.

Make sure to follow these tips for those restaurant advertising and direct mail (flyers, emails, brochures, postcards, etc):

— Your restaurant advertisement needs to be in a publication or place that is targeted to the type of customer that you are searching for. If you are a family group restaurant then make sure to put your advertisements inside the local school newsletter or on the nearby childcare center.

— The promotion piece need to have a solid headline that clearly shows the main benefit to the reader. You logo will not be a powerful headline. ‘Be Our Guest for any Before Dinner Drink’ can be a powerful headline that attracts attention. Or if you have something extraordinary regarding your establishment — like the only waterside dining, or early happy hours, then shout that out. Just what is the biggest benefit that one could give to your customer? Identify it and after that put it in your headline.

— Have a compelling offer. A proposal both helps to make the reader act and enables you to track in the event the restaurant advertisement was successful or otherwise not. ‘Come celebrate our new opening by using a FREE glass of wine.’ Your offer ought to be compelling enough how the reader says to himself ‘Why wouldn’t I truly do this? What do We have to shed?’

— Ensure it is personal. Include pictures of yourself or perhaps your team and sign it with your name.

— Use conversational language that builds trust along with your prospect and great compelling copy. If you wish to, get someone to assist you to — it’s well worth the investment to get it right.

— Have got a clear ‘call to action’ that tells a person exactly what to do. «Call 1 800 303 3510 to reserve your table.» «Book now, spaces are restricted.» Add an expiry date to your offer, that can create a feeling of urgency and persuade folks to do something.

— Overcome scepticism. Use a guarantee or use a perceived expert speak for you. ‘The best sandwich around or it’s on us.’ While you will find some people taking you up on the guarantee, if you are confident with the product you will recognize that the latest business will pay for any refunded money many times over.

— Use testimonials, especially if it is from press, local critics, or celebrities.

As with any marketing activity if you fail to clearly measure the benefit of your restaurant promotions then stop doing the work and shift your hard earned dollars to doing something that clearly achieves your company goals. Don’t hesitate to prevent advertising and regroup. There are many other effective restaurant marketing strategies which are equally as much, or higher effective than advertising.

If you’re finally ready for many real advice on the way to build your restaurant business with proven information, resources, done for you templates and guidance about the best way to work to transform your organization (along with your life) more than you may image, i then invite anyone to take a look at Win Win Restaurant Marketing.


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