Which version is much better: Microsoft Office 2013 or new cloud-based Office 365


Recently Microsoft released a fresh version of Office Suite software — Microsoft Office 365 for Home Premium. Now users need to make an option between Office 365 and Office 2013.

Before I look into this issue, consider the highlights of the new “cloud” Office 365. Install Office applications possible on 5 PCs running Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS x. Incidentally, in case you have Microsoft Office 2010, you still need to buy an entire license.

Differences between Microsoft Office 365 and Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 as previous versions, is a bundle of basic Office programs, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. One license allows you to install only Office suite on a single computer running Windows.

Microsoft Office 365 is some the same programs, but here you will find the option to install Office on five devices. To setup, you must not enter keys, because things are all tied to your Microsoft account. Also with Office 365, you get additional storage scale of 20 GB in SkyDrive.

An additional advantage of Office 365 is that you can utilize the full version of Microsoft Office 2013 product key on any Windows PC. This really is valuable in situations where you’re taking care of someone else’s computer. To make use of Microsoft Office, you have to sign in for your Microsoft account and after several minutes you’ll get the full version on your computer. Office programs may be the “cloud” and installed using the pc will not be stationary, but instead like a Web application.

Which version is way better Microsoft Office 2013 or new cloud-based Office 365

Microsoft Office 2013 license key shall be paid once only and is also valid constantly, that may be, you can use it during the entire life of your pc. In the matter of Office 365, you don’t obtain a perpetual license and are needed to pay money for annually or monthly use (shop annual or monthly subscriptions).


Annual subscription to Office 365 is worth 2 499 r., while Office 2013 must pay 3 499 r. (one-time payment license).

Therefore, the selection between the two versions of your Office needs to be easy. When you have multiple computers both at home and at each of them need office 2013 pro plus key accessibility complete software program, buy Office 365. Incidentally, a new Office 365, you can try free of charge to get a month. office 2016 key may be a more cost-effective option in the long term, but remember that it must be only installed on one computer.


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