Before Entering Tibet


Overseas tourists thinking about entering Tibet must first get yourself a Chinese L-visa (Tourist visa) from your Chinese Embassy or Consulate with their region. An exception applies to people who live in countries that have signed special agreements with China. A listing of those countries can be obtained online.

The tourist must then sign up for the Tibet Travel Permit in the same Embassy or Consulate. When trying to get this permit, foreign tourists are motivated to submit basic identification information (including name, nationality, age, sex, occupation, and passport number), route to and point of entrance, approximate travel time, travel intentions, telephone contact details as well as other materials, to designated offices of the TTB. This can be done directly or through travel agencies. A copy of your Chinese visa and first page from the tourist’s passport have to be faxed or emailed towards the TTB (Tibet Travel Bureau). Tourists should receive confirmation for journey to Tibet within two to four business days.

The Tibet travel agency Permit is generally issued instantly upon receipt of copies of the tourist’s passport and visa. Checking and approval from the letter however requires three working days. In order to avoid any possible conflict with airline tickets, hotel reservations, scheduled guides and vehicles, tourists are suggested to start the applying procedures as quickly as possible. This can be a necessary step for everyone considering visiting Tibet. When you fly from the city to Lhasa you have got to show this permit once you check in at the airport. Most travel agencies ask to see this permit before selling you the flight ticket.


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