Kotton Grammer has helped many business owners make millions of dollars regarding his SEO expertise.

He made over 10 million dollars just last year helping business owners increase their revenues dramatically by driving massive numbers of google visitors to the business website with his proven search engine optimisation techniques. His search marketing formula is unmatched and is currently making millions for his clients!

But Kotton didn’t usually have the success he is having at this time. They know what its want to be a struggling entrepreneur so he always looks to pay it forward and mentor other business men he sees potential in.

So, besides having a million dollar a month business, Kotton is generous along with his efforts and is a mentor to some young entrepreneur named David Castro. David, the dog owner of RankRabbit SEO, offers a video testimonial of Kotton Grammar and you will consider it below.

Kotton Grammer runs one of the more successful premier SEO agencies worldwide and is mentoring the young and ambitious internet entrepreneur to perform the same with RankRabbit — David’s own Seo agency thats being run from your opposite end of the us!

David currently has his headquarters in Riverside, California while Kotton Grammer runs his multimillion dollar agency, Kotton Grammer Media, in Miami, but, Kotton has become quite possibly the most important aspect to David Castro’s success in growing his nationally renowned search marketing business!

Being that Kotton has experienced this type of impact David, both as being a internet entrepreneur and digital marketing expert, the founder of RankRabbit SEO made the escape to Miami to hang out with Mr. Grammer and record this video review of Kotton to thank him for those that he’s done for him.

Here’s what David said, “Im David Castro, Owner of RankRabbit. Currently the leading Seo firm in Riverside and also on its way to being among the premiere search marketing agencies in the united states.

I have faith that this, not because I love to discuss my business on here, but because I wouldn’t have the capacity to say any one of that in case it wasn’t for kotton grammer review.

Kotton Grammer is without a doubt the Michael Jordan of Search marketing along with its truly a pleasure to call him a mentor. I’ve actually never told him this but, if Im completely honest, there is not any ONE I am aware that I search for to greater than him.

He’s provided me with a wealth of SEO knowledge and merely probably the most really advanced marketing methods that really set us in addition to any affiliate marketer on this planet.

But a majority of importantly, he’s taught me to demand more from myself as well as continually push the boundaries of my capabilities in every areas of living. I learned a great deal just from watching him hammer away because he went after everything he set his mind to.

I like it..He’s changed my well being; so simple. So, Whether it’s as a consultant or even a coach I guarantee you, for anybody looking at this, Kotton will have a HUGE affect on your business. Should you get the ability to work together with him, carry it.”


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