We have met Highest God.

Bible and Koran are the most famous and sold books inside the history of mankind. The knowledge in this particular book about Highest God is above those scriptures. Bible clearly says “Know Thy Self” whereas Koran’s says “Man/woman is actually a mirror image of God”. Both respective scriptures are incorrect about that is God and both religions usually do not be aware of the real significance of such sentences. The entire Field of God loving Christian’s pray to Father in heaven and Jesus, Hindus pray to Shiva, Muslims pray to Allah as God. Are you aware that Christians’ Christ or his Father is not really God, Hindus Shiva nor is Muslims Allah nor Buddha are God. Shiva or Allah, may be the Father of the World and Original God is above the Father- there is ONLY one God.

Yet, the entire world will not know the Absolute Truth that there exists a ‘veil’ of Conspiracy from the past of man-kind and also the name of Original or Highest God has been completely covered up with this World by Father, Trinity deities & Maya in this World. That is why virtually nobody knows about existence of Original God and reasons why author was completely destroyed and so the Truth would not emerge. If you need Peace, then pray to Original God.

Unless you learn about Original God’s existence how do he assist you to. Highest God’s single Universal message around the world is leave all religions around the world and are avalable to my Abode. This is why I am saying Light a Candle in the name of Original or Highest GOD only and invoke His Divine help and that he may help. To do that 2 things are necessary- first is always to know your own Q-mail address and second is always to know Original God’s G-mail address- your ‘internet line’ will be sending the mail. This book will teach you both the GQ-mail addresses & the way to communicate collectively. Original God could only be known by Love and Truth — hardly anything else.

How God works

To sum up the full 18 yr Journey into three discoveries:

— First discovery = Original God’s Domain — I am going to answer how you can meet Original God & 12 questions on God.

— Second discovery is Soul (Christians) = Atma (Indians) = Rooh (Muslims) = Quantum Light (of Scientists- all Nobel Prize winners like Einstein, Bohr, Sir John Eccles etc) — All denote the same thing.

— Third discovery = Mystery about how exactly God speaks. Open your 3rd eye with which you may see both God and Soul

— If people realize that Original God is most importantly religions of the World, Wars would stop, Love & Peace would prevail

I am just revealing about Highest God with colour photographs of all the visions and messages that i consistently enjoy to this day.


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