Vegas — The Entertainment Capital


I think, the Vegas area is probably the nicest places inside the Western US and falling deeply in love with Vegas is easy to do. This town is «The Entertainment Capital around the world» the town welcomes 37.5 million people a year. Visitors like to enjoy dazzling shows, five star hotels, first rate nightclubs, unique shopping experiences, first class gaming, and a lot of Vegas coupons.

There is a lot to find out and do besides gambling: You are able to rent an auto and visit the desert sights, including Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire. A drive from Vegas to Valley of Fire is about an hour and you may return via Hoover Dam. This will make to get a nice 1/2 to 1 day trip, depending on how long you wish to spend in the Valley or on the Dam. There’s Lake Mead, with Jet Ski Rental Las Vegas, picnic areas, etc. Additionally, they offer raft trips on the Colorado River. Mt. Charleston offers cooler weather, riding horses, picnic areas, camping, etc. So far as shopping, there are three discount outlet malls in Vegas plus several shopping malls. The Style Place Mall is large, and it is on the strip along with the shopping at Caesars Palace and also the huge shopping at Aladdin’s mall. Vegas has excellent restaurants, golf, heat balloon rides as well as other outdoor activities. And in case you’re into theme parks, some great rides can be found directly on the Strip. In order to stay at hotels with limited gambling, try Lake Vegas… just 20 minutes through the Strip but worlds apart.

There is also a lot of cheap entertainment. Try looking in your local newspaper ads for a couple of for one coupons and in addition check out the promotion desks with the hotels, ask should they be giving any comp tickets. Rio does all the time! Have a great time!


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