Were you aware that baby bearded Dragons can eat over 30 crickets every day


Hey everyone this can be Abigail Kessler, Co-Founding father of Raising Reptiles. In this particular video we are going to be exceeding basic baby bearded dragon care tips. So first in the menu is feeding. Baby Bearded Dragons grow incredibly fast therefore we recommend feeding them up to they’ll eat within a ’10-’15 minute period of time at least 2 to 3 times per day. Dubia roaches are much better than crickets. Both work but one single Dubia roaches has the nutritional same in principle as about 5 crickets. When you’re feeding, be certain that to dust properly with either calcium or multi vitamins. So second. Invest in high quality UVB Lighting. I truly cannot stress this enough. UVB is vital for proper bone growth since with the UVB they will metabolize all of the different nutrients with their body so it’s very important and if you’re going to purchase anything purchase proper lighting. Number three, housing. House caring for a baby bearded dragon inside a 20 and 40 gallon enclosure. Never work with a 10 gallon as it’s just too small and you can’t achieve the proper basking temperatures with a 10 gallon without roasting the complete thing. Plus in the event you opt for a 40 gallon, the infant isn’t going to be stressed out and you also won’t must upgrade later on. Now, it’s always easier to give your Dragons more space but a 40 gallon is actually a totally fine minimum. Number four, Cohabitation. We do not recommend cohabitating bearded Dragons. Yes it’s possible but Dragons are solitary animals naturally and I’ve seen far too many chewed up toes and tails to recommend it. It is just simply a bad idea. Your Dragons will be happier and a lot healthier when they are housed themselves. Number five, love them and do what’s best for them! Don’t be happy with the bare minimum care. These Dragons are such awesome creatures and gems from the reptile world. Therefore learn their personalities, learn to take care of them, learn their different quirks, and what foods they like. Just enjoy them. So that you know a lttle bit about what is required to increase a wholesome baby bearded dragon but there are several important factors that you need to know. Empower yourself at the moment using the familiarity with what it takes to boost a proper and happy baby bearded dragon by clicking the link below and collecting a duplicate of raising Bearded Dragons where we combine actual exposure to hardcore research to bring you the Ultimate Bearded Dragon Care Guide. Thanks a lot for watching simply go through the link below to grab your copy today.


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