Professional advice on boat protection

Either you are already a boater or think about becoming one, knowing how to protect the boat before a storm hits you is crucial. Many believe that listening to weather broadcasts on TV or radio can bring some miracles and the storm will take another direction avoiding you. Unfortunately, based on professional boat owners, this never happens. Therefore, you need to know how to prepare yourself and your yacht in order to face even the heaviest storm. Here are some tips offered by BG Marine Services, LLC for you to consider.

The first and most important thing you must do during a storm is to reduce the windage. The less items are facing the wind, the better for your beloved yacht. Remove all the things that are on board for safety purposes. If there is a dinghy on the boat, it is better to put it the water.

The next thing to consider is to check the mooring pendants and bridles for any damage and fix it instantly! Don’t wait until the storm hits you, because this requires time and you might need to go to a boat supply store in order to ask for some help.  Therefore, never wait, but act as soon as possible.

For boats on a mooring, it is required to check that the mooring bridles are placed properly and there is nothing sharp nearby that could cut it. To check this, put your finger under the bridle line to see if there is anything sharp.

In addition, it is recommended adding a chafe guard to the dock lines so that to secure the boat to the mooring or dock. Kevlar is the best option, but you can also try with an old firehouse hose or a nylon chafe guard.

The last thing which is so obvious, but happens so often is when the boat breaks from the mooring because the owner didn’t remove the bow anchor. Thus, make sure you remove it each time.

These are just a few basic tips to help you protect yourself and your boat during a storm. But, it is also important to see if your boat works properly and you have all the necessary marine supplies. If you are new to this field and want some additional information on boat maintenance, boating supplies and professional repairs, ask a specialist to share with you the most important aspects of a being a boat owner.


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