Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth The Cost


To start off with I would want to use an ambiguous phrase «it all depends». I’m not likely to come straight out and state that Wealthy Affiliate suits everyone. If you are in the beginning stages and new to internet and affiliate internet marketing then based on that fact I would strongly recommend it (I’ll tell you why in a moment). In case you are an experienced veteran and earning money online already then there is a bit more to contemplate it.

I’m Unfamiliar with affiliate marketing online Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it to me?

Yes, it really is and then for these four reasons:

1)The education

At wealthy affiliate they already have a big volume of training and courses. They may have training on marketing with articles, e-mail marketing, PPC, how to do research, SEO, web hosting, website development and much more. When you are first getting started and don’t know a whole lot about affiliate marketing it’s challenging to know where to start and what is a good match for yourself. With wealthy affiliate they gives you a good foundation and you may understand what is necessary to perform a certain technique. You’ll manage to find out if something is good for you and your situation without paying hundreds(or even thousands) of dollars only to find out this particular technique will not fit your situation. For example, I paid $997(12 months in advance subscription) that i want to spy on other people’s PPC campaigns. One thing I would like to discuss is what good would that software do for someone without a monthly budget to work with PPC advertising? However, it’s an easy task to get caught in the hype of any money page and whip your visa or mastercard, especially while you are only starting out.

Wealthy Affiliate just started anything they call «WA Clubs». These are 30 day action clubs where you focus on taking action. You receive tasks everyday by email and receive support and help to perform these tasks. It’s a remarkable way to get started with internet marketing.

2)The neighborhood

Wealthy Affiliate carries a very active forum. Kyle and Carson(the owners) have performed a really good job of developing and fostering a caring forum. Each time you need help you can just post towards the forum and individuals tend to be more than prepared to help. You can even PM Kyle and Carson. Something slightly different than what I’ve seen somewhere else will be the ability of members to make and add their very own tutorials for the training center. I really enjoy this feature! There are tons of individuals who are successful affiliates that know lots of information and are likely to share it and give you a hand. There have been times where I have got been intimidated to use something similar to creating a header for my website. I stumbled upon helpful tips inside the training center where one of several members helps guide you to create headers easily by using a free image manipulation software. There are a lot more trainings want it.

3)Tools Kyle and Carson are making a lot of tools available for your use as being a wealthy affiliate member. These are included as part of your membership. These people have a keyword tool, a straightforward user friendly website builder, internet hosting, website templates, a cloaking tool, and a new tool called WordPress Express which enables you to install WordPress on the domain quickly and easily. If you are first beginning you could be tight on money, so these power tools go an extensive ways to reducing the amount of money you have to start.

4)A Good Place

This is probably the biggest difference I’ve noticed between Wealthy Affiliate along with other programs I’ve bought. I joined back April 2009. Since that time We have not received one particular email from Kyle or Carson promoting another course/program. That speaks volumes. They feel they may have everything that it takes that you can be successful in affiliate internet marketing at Wealthy Affiliate. In comparison, I’ve bought courses and products using their company people and that i am constantly slammed with promotional email after promotional email and every one of them includes a new product that’s gonna help me make $32,499.34 monthly. I spent considerable time chasing the following new thing that discovered my email inbox. I spent a lot of money on courses I didn’t use and got completely distracted. When you are new you should get enough information to understand to take action. You shouldn’t be pounded with sales pitches for brand new products and techniques. You should just find one technique and concentrate. I think that Wealthy Affiliate has done a great job at as being a safe area for beginners to learn.

Geek Hibrid

I’m a seasoned affiliate marketer is Wealthy Affiliate worth it if you ask me?

Again I’m going to have to ask another question. By experienced would you mean you are already earning money with affiliate marketing or will you mean you’ve bought a lot of courses and know a good deal about internet marketing? Should you be making money with website marketing chances are you already have most of the tools that Wealthy Affiliate has, so a variety of it can be redundant. Wealthy Affiliate still has an incredible community you might want to take a look at. I would personally recommend try it out and in case it’s not for you personally, request a refund.

If you’ve been bouncing around buying course after course I might say Wealthy Affiliate still has a lot to provide. They have got different action plans you are able to follow. These plans gives you daily tasks to finish. This could offer help with how to begin and what you can do every day.

So, is wealthy affiliate worth it? My fact is a resounding yes. Wealthy Affiliate is loaded with lots to provide to the two beginner and also the more capable affiliate marketer. The sole catch is that you have to ensure it is worthwhile. You can buy the very best training in the world, but it’s not going to a single thing for you personally if you don’t do something and apply that knowledge.


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