Convertible Notebook

Convertible Notebook is an HP notebook from the category of Tablet PCs. The display of this notebook makes it quite special as it has comes in a design resembling a wave. The inner view of the notebook is silver in color with the keyboard surroundings as silver and the outer view has a black glossy look and feel.

It has a 12.1 Inches WXGA High Definition Bright View Widescreen having configuration of 1280*800. It also has a Touch screen available. This notebook is placed in the family of Tablet PCs due to the availability of the feature that the notebook screen can be turned into a Tablet view.

On the right hand side of the screen there are media Quick Play Buttons for your entertainment and convenience. The screen is slightly grainy, but you will get this with any Tablet PC due to the extra layer needed for tablet functionality. The glossy screen is good for presenting bold colors and watching movies, but bad when doing a lot of reading in strongly lit areas as it is quite reflective. One small annoyance is the fact it is difficult to see what level brightness you’ve got the screen adjusted to because there is no on screen feedback when you toggle brightness, the same goes for volume.

The notebook comes with several features like the of webcam 1.3-megapixel, digital media reader which is 5-in-1. There is also a mini remote control with the help of which the users can easily watch the movies and photos, listen music.

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium is the inbuilt operating system coming with the HP tx1000 Convertible Notebook and thus makes it perfectly safe and secure to be accessed without the threat of any unwanted attacks from viruses.

The Notebook has all the features required and that too in the. The tablet PC has brought a variety of accessories such as screen wipe and the weight saver and all this too in the reasonable cost


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