Thoughts On Fashionable Children Dresses

Fashionable children dresses in are made to look like the clothing that is popular for adults to wear. Most people believe that fashionable children dresses should mimic adult dresses to the very last detail. This idea of children’s fashion should be carefully thought out. As adults we should be encouraging children to be children as long as possible.

Fashionable children dresses should be items of clothing that look good on children. The clothing should be things that move well with children because children are in a constant state of motion. The dresses they wear should move with their bodies and not constrict their movements so the kids can feel free to run, jump, play, and express themselves physically.

Fashionable children dresses for small children often look like articles of clothing that came off of a French runway, but they should look like items that cane off the old television series “The Walton’s”. Children should be allowed to wear garments because they cover their bodies, because they help keep them warm, and because they are comfortable. They should not wear clothes to try and look grown up, sexy, alluring, or anything other than what they are.

The fashion industry has a bad reputation for allowing small girls to be defined by the media and by what they see on television and in fashion magazines. These small girls see these women on television and the women look perfect so the girls think that to be beautiful they must be perfect in appearance.

Many girls are killing themselves to be thin as the people they see on television, and to be something they are not, when the truth is that most of the people they see on television and on magazine pages are not being themselves.

The television women are changed with the magic of photo shop software to make them look thinner, or taller, or to have the right eye color, or face shape. Little girls who are watching these programs, or reading these magazines, are measuring their looks against the unrealistic appearances of computer generated images, and they are killing themselves so they can look more like what they see.


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