5 Steps for Beginner to Professional photography

Want to be a professional photographer?

Believe me, just buying a good DSLR won’t make you a good photographer. And many a times you would feel that your mobile camera photos are better than your DSLR. But of course, for that you will have to learn your camera in and out, learn various photography techniques, visit some awesome places and keep learning this art everyday.

Step #1: Learn your camera first

If you are a beginner photographer and really want to take a journey towards professional photography, you must learn your camera first. One of my friend bought a camera six months back and was cribbing that his photos are still not well exposed. Then I asked him, “do you know about the camera meter functionality” and he says “what’s the f*** is that?”. Learning all the camera setting is the first step towards a good photography.

Just check Nikon D3300 manual here. You will find similar manuals for all the camera models. Learn them really well.

Step #2: Learn the composition rules

Just to start with, there are many simple composition rules which you can master and you would really be surprised to see the results. Trust me!

Few basic rules:

1. Rule of third:
The rule says; for better composition, frame your shot in such a way that your main subject should be in 2/3rd of the photo. If you are taking a portrait photo, keep your model’s eyes at the cross sectional lines.

2. Rule of Leading lines:
Your photo should lead your viewers to some subject or where you would like take them their eyes to. This gives a very positive effect in their mind. Your bairn is more likely to love such photos and you would get more thumps up on social media. ?

3. Rule of Symmetry
Everyone loves symmetry, don’t we?. “Madam, I’m Adam”. Be it a sentence like this or the photo below. Symmetries are highly eye-catching photographic compositions as we are naturally surrounded by such patterns, the science says.

Try to find a symmetrical pattern and capture it perfectly. It would definitely double your chances to get more views to your picture.

Step #3: Get the must have camera accessories

As I mentioned earlier, buying just a DSLR won’t bring out the results which you are dreaming of.

To become a great warrior, you need a sharp sword. Similarly, to become a great photographer, you would need some must have camera accessories and tools, I swear.

Check our this guide on what DSLR accessories every photographer must have to capture some high-quality HD images.

Step #4: Visit some awesome places

People would like to see what they haven’t seen before; may be a new place or the same old place but from a different angle. So, visit some places, study what photos are already available on internet and try to give a different perspective to that location.

Everyone likes Aerial photos. Why? Because people haven’t seen that perspective before.

Step #5: Practice, Practice and Practice

Practice makes everyone perfect! This is also true in photography, isn’t it? To learn and master your photography, you must take thousands of photos, analyse them, compare them with similar photos from the professional photographers. There are many communities on Facebook, Reddit, Flickr where you can submit your photos and get it reviewed by the experts.

I agree that the journey to professional photography is not easy. But, with the right tools, right techniques and your passion to learn this art would definitely bring out the results in few of your photoshoots, for sure. Best of luck!


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