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Tooth decay is the process of rotting or decomposing of the tooth caused by bacteria and fungi. Human saliva contains over 100 billion of 600 different types of bacteria throughout the day. But, there is only one microorganism among them that is the root cause of teeth decay. It is called Strep Mutans. Actually, it is the first organism in our mouth we got from mother and family at birth. First of all, an infant is infected with Strep Mutans through breastfeeding. Later, you get it when your parents and siblings give you food from their mouth.

You would now ask a dentist why all the people don’t have rotten teeth if this cavity causing organism is present in every human. The answer is simple: it is the enamel that protects us. Enamel is the hardest substance in our body made of phosphate, calcium, magnesium as well as fluoride. But, it is very interesting how such a hard thing can get damaged by a small bacterium.

Everything is about acidity. The pH of our mouth is what determines whether the enamel will weaken or get stronger. As everything in our body and the entire universe is dynamic, the enamel is also a dynamic thing. It is always changing. The enamel undergoes mineralisation in order to create itself. In other words, our teeth are going through this process on a regular basis. So, as long as our teeth are in the process of remineralisation (the process of adding minerals), the enamel will not decay.

It is also important to say that S. Mutans is, in fact, present in high concentrations in almost every processed food. This destroying organism is metabolising sugar to produce energy. If speaking about sugar, it is not harmful. It is the bacterial waste, called lactic acid, that is. With a pH of 2.0, the lactic acid almost 1000 times more acidic than water. As a result, when it is present on our enamel, it removes the calcium and phosphate out from it and replaces them with S. Mutans. And this is the beginning of the decaying process. Therefore, the bacterium gets into enamel and leads to the appearance of cavities.

Once spotted, you will need to find a qualified dentist in Austin to fix the problem. But, it is effective to go to the dentist 78745 in order to prevent your teeth from getting cavities by asking for an advice on how to take care of your mouth so that it remains healthy for a longer period of time.


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