Bedroom Wall Decor — Creative Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas


The inside decorating and decor of your bedroom largely depends upon it’s function. There are actually mainly 4 kinds of bedrooms in the typical home plan.

1) Master Bedroom

2) Teenager Bedroom

3) Kids Bedroom

4) Guest bedroom

Each one of these bedrooms have their own own decorating considerations. In terms of wall decor for bedrooms lots of people believe that either painting a wall or applying wallpaper on them is your best option available.

However these two techniques may be combined together for the altogether different look too. It is not always needed to apply exactly the same paint to all of the walls. Try finishing walls with contrasting colors or a combination of wallpaper and color on the same wall.

In case your bedroom receives ample volume of sunlight, then you could very creatively make use of shadows for decorating purposes on wall. First notice the wall that receives sunlight and then you can «obstruct» the entry of sunlight using a mild steel grill or stained glass painting so that the wall receives interesting shadow patterns. The advantage of this can be that since the direction and power of the sunlight changes constantly, you will get an ever changing wall decor piece created for you, free of cost.

Another idea would be to as opposed to using picture frames on walls, how about painting the picture about the wall itself. Obviously if you are living inside a rented house, you will get some limitations, but it could be done.

Another selections for bedroom wood wall art is faux finish plaster and even tile cladding using rectangular or square tiles. Even multicolored tiles can be used for the complete wall to make a mural that you pick. Thus a bedroom wall can be given little creativity for big results without spending big money.


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