Cuckold relationships are in the news more and more frequently.


Cuckold Relationship interviewed Dr. David Ley, Ph.D, about the state cuckold relationships today, and found that almost 20% of the male population includes a potential fascination with the cuckold fantasy.

With all the burgeoning interest on cuckold relationships, a fair amount of misinformation is arising. Take, for example, articles that Hannah Briggs published a write-up in the Frisky in March 2017, looking at the cuckold relationship in the perspective of your dominatrix.

Consider the following quote from this article:

“It’s (cuckolding) a little better than ‘liking to watch’ or any other sexual activities that center around voyeurism, because the turn-on for most people who enjoy being cuckolded will be the humiliation that accompanies the experience-‘being fully aware the sex is going on, but not able to participate,’ as Rebecca Reid puts it in a article for MetroUK.

Here we now have another instance of the cuckold stereotype used to categorize and define all cuckolds within a narrow, and frankly incorrect category.

Recall that cuckoldry exists over a spectrum between two extreme endpoints. Using one end may be the proverbial cuckold — someone who enjoys extreme submission and being the center bit of a humiliating scene. This is the masochistic cuckold.

On the other end will be the alpha cuckold. What differentiates him is the fact that they have zero interest, or perhaps tolerance, for humiliating or demeaning activities, yet he too, loves participating in a Cuckold Relationship and it is a cuckold by definition.

Dr. Ley indicates that “escape through submission” is one of several routes resulting in a cuckold relationship and therefore humiliation is not a defining sign of all cuckolds.

Portion of the cause of the exclusive center on humiliation is the fact inexperienced writers will frequently contact a professional dominatrix for information on cuckolding, which can be like asking a Toyota dealer to fill you in about the latest Ferrari.

Men that look for the help of a specialist dominatrix are predisposed for the masochistic end of your spectrum. They like humiliation and are able to pay the dominatrix to ensure they are feel it.

Here, as an example, we hear Miss Scarlett talking about cuckold relationships from her perspective:

“Cuckqueaning and cuckolding are generally just fetishes that are part of the wider BDSM spectrum. It’s a fetish that centers around humiliation. Humiliation is probably the normally requested services i encounter.”

I actually have without doubt that humiliation is among the most requested services of your dominatrix, especially from the cuckold. However, there are plenty of cuckolds who don’t go to the dominatrix as well as to say that their fetish centers around humiliation, will be missing the mark.

And, despite thoughts for the contrary, Dr. Ley informs us that cuckold couples have no greater incidence of mental illness, sexual abuse, or other confounding factor for selecting a cuckold relationship.

So while humiliation could certainly be a key element of many cuckold’s fantasies, it is merely as frequently absent and both curious authors and professional doms should keep in mind.


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