The Bathmate Hydro Pump Product Review


My name’s Mark McIntyre and so i operate a men’s supplement review website called Male Health Review. I needed to provide basic information on among the most popular products featured on my site, and present some tips at the same time.

You’ve probably seen, or heard, concerning the Bathmate hydro-pumps by now. They’re male enlargement devices that work well by utilizing vacuum pressure generated with water in a cylindrical tube. Over time, the repeated usage of this device causes a rise in length and girth of your male reproductive organ.

There are the latest models of available, based upon your size, pressure requirements, and convenience. They are also available in different colors: red, blue, and clear.

Both the original items are referred to as Hercules as well as the Goliath. These are the standard no-frills models and they are great for those who are a novice to using water pumps or just starting out.

Also, there is the Hydromax series, that offers the newest and improved version in the Bathmate, and can be found in three different sizes: the X20, X30, and X40. Are all identical in design and performance, the only real difference is with the sizes. The X20 can basically be considered as being a «small», the X30 a «medium», and also the X40 a «large».

Lastly, there’s the Hydromax Xtreme series, that is also offered in three basic sizes, but contains a special hand pump for additional convenience and added pressure. These are seen as the most advanced from the Bathmate models, and as a result, aren’t necessarily the best choice for the beginner.

As far as utilizing one of these devices, you’ll first should get in the tub or shower. Place yourself in the plastic chamber loaded with tepid water. Begin pumping the liquid out until it will become difficult. You have to be at about 1-2 cm outside your normal length.

If you happen to feel extreme discomfort or any pain, you’re probably using a lot of pressure and really should release some while using valve. Using a lot of pressure is a common mistake, especially with novices, and one of many causes for swelling and discoloration.


Leave the pump on for approximately five minutes, release the pressure while using valve about the tip, and pour out your water. Do a little light massaging and repeat the whole process another twice. Accomplish this routine one or more times every day, twice is way better.

That’s all there is certainly into it. As you can tell, employing a hydro pump is pretty straight-forward and easy, and simply takes about fifteen minutes to do. The most significant factor to getting good results is consistent use. Within about six weeks you need to start seeing some gains, and at this point those results is going to be basically permanent.


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