Now we could observe that in society exactly what is the opinion or even the review is gradually obliterated.


Now you can recommend everything and everywhere. Moreover, the peer reviewer can be anyone today, and here is the right spreading phenomenon called blog sphere. Blog sphere is the fact that in principle everyone can develop into a blogger, and the most frequent content that falls on a myriad of blogs are only opinions and reviews. Blogs have grown to be an opinion-making medium, which i think is pretty dangerous. Anonymity online and deficiency of control over who writes the opinions or reviews the phenomena can be dangerous towards the user, as it can mislead him. Let’s keep in mind that blogs are extremely often sponsored by companies, so recommendation and reviews on blogs are occasionally manufactured for those companies. Naturally, this is a dangerous phenomenon, but let’s also keep in mind that the person should never lose sight over the web. If we want to receive an opinion on for instance some product, let’s carry out the exact research about this topic. It is best to first get the opinions of the loved ones, who perhaps hold the experience and understand what to purchase. Their review will likely be much more useful. Let’s not forget the main distinction between review and opinion. An evaluation usually describes academic work or artistic work. What’s important is the review has a specific structure that contains: the info part, analytical part , critical part , and evaluative piece. On the other hand, the opinion is narrowed right down to the subjective position held by the individual describing this phenomenon. Types of reviews might be reviews of theater performances, concerts, painting exhibitions, or restaurants. When it comes to reviews it is essential who seems to be the article author from the review. If it is a specialist in a particular field. This type of review may affect whether the social opinion will respond well as to what the review is around. Opinion is considered the most open type of expression along with the most subjective type. The opinion may affect any topic for example food, sports, cosmetics, etc. The greater serious topic is such as health, the greater dangerous opinions might be should they be issued by people without education in this field. Therefore, we need to use caution about which opinions we are leading, because not really the opinion applies. More than that, we are able to do more harm than good. Another method of expression that we can encounter, also on the web is the recommendation. Recommendation is actually a recommendation or command. The advice may be negative or positive with respect to the phenomenon. A positive recommendation is usually to encourage the environment to as an example go with a school. Or even a specialist may recommend changes to produce the college be more effective. In the recommendation everything depends upon its character, We can easily recommend in principle everything. Very often the advice is received as a command, as an example, a famous person recommends the organization. The recommendations have tremendous power . A good recommendation could be to value something or play a role in an increase in profits.


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