Take your restaurant business to the next level


Beyond any doubt investing in marketing and design has a strong positive impact a restaurant’s growth. But, using the right technology is also crucial here. The restaurant POS software is today in the list of “must-haves.” Being able to fully control your restaurant’s operations is a great thing to consider.  Take a look at the following benefits of using a POS system that runs restaurant POS software.

  • Track sales easily: The restaurant business has to deal with a high amount of cash and credit cards on a daily basis. Unlike traditional cash register systems, a POS system tracks the sales within the accuracy of the penny. Such software also helps operators to see which items are selling and to identify if the menu needs to be modified.


  • Hassle-free processing of credit and debit card transactions: Many restaurant POS software provide credit and debit card processing so that there is no need for separate systems. Therefore, credit and debit card acceptance is now an easier, faster, and more secure offer for both restaurants and customers.


  • Prepare profit and loss and tax statements easier:With the help of a POS system, the necessary figures are right in the system. As a result, the employees save a lot of time and energy.


  • Better security at the point of sale:With a restaurant POS system, customer checks cannot be modified without a password. This helps to avoid theft and prevents employees from offering discounts to their friends and family.


  • Working time control:Restaurant POS systems can function as a time, i.e. employees sign in and out in the POS system. This option makes it easier to prepare payroll. In addition, it saves on payroll expenditures.


  • Better inventory tracking.With the help of restaurant POS software, the operators can keep close records on inventory and food usage. Knowing the amount of usage allows to better plan ingredient purchases, eliminating or reducing shortages as well as minimizing the risk of over-ordering.


  • Off-site control. There are some restaurant POS systems that provide restaurant owners and managers with the possibility to log into the POS system remotely. Remote monitoring allows detecting of the problems in terms of sales, labor patterns, food usage that may have remained undetected to be quickly identified and addressed.


  • Better staff productivity.With proper restaurant POS software the staff will no longer carry out time-consuming tasks including manual cash register reconciliation and double-checking disparities in sales, etc. The time employees save can be used for a better customer service, thus increasing profitability.

The advantages listed above show how a quality POS soft can help a restaurant reach its full potential. Therefore, if you have a restaurant business in Malta and are interested in a restaurant point of sale Malta, then you should definitely get in touch with Progressive Information Systems. They are the best provider of retail POS Malta to support small, medium and large businesses in the region.


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