Understanding the realm of dot brands


Have you ever visited the next sites: environment.google or home.barclays ? these internet websites get the particularity of ending by using a brand, rather than one of many traditional .com or .io extensions. You could possibly pretty well see much more of them down the road, like a combined increase of your total number of brands, an escalating amount of sites per brand, and more and more popular websites hosted on those domains. The dot brand observatory is a kind of barometer and reports detailed dot brand domains stats.

The website names policy is controlled by ICANN, an US based international organization. The buzz started around 2015, as we alternative domain extensions — .xyz, .club — came on the market. Everyone who definitely are building sites and starting business might have notices our favourite registrar proposes a long list of domains now… A number of brands — a French insurer Axa was among the pioneers — also launched in 2015, sites ending making use of their brand, but obviously these domains were not for sales, the brands are keeping website names by using a brand domain extension for own and sole use.

This may be a simple brand TLD change for brands, where a brand site could be called home.brand rather than brand.com. This is a basic convention and is not just a big issue to the users. Brands could have cooler and better names, but in the end most brands had already spent lots of energy having their brand.com name. Why would tiffany.com shift to home.tiffany, risk to confuse their clients in addition to their visitors ?

Some actors, like dot stories, think it will in fact disrupt websites. Pahud, one of the co-founders of dot stories, says “It is really a new way to think websites”, changing sites just as much as social networking or mobile apps have changed our global digital experience.

We go right now to unique apps to execute unique functions. Net a Porter, the famous online retailer, has one website, but multiple apps — Edit, MrPorter, scanporter, portermagazine. Will websites be more granular and more task driven, similary towards the apps ? That’s the question that is asked here. It is far from a basic alteration of sites and domains, it is a global behavioural change that is certainly at stake, and if behaviours change than search will alter, browing will alter and dot brand domain can become the international major brand digital flagship.


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