Hazards and Considerations During the Roof Cleaning


After winter people start to clean their houses mostly they start to clean their houses first by cleaning their roofs. While cleaning roofs a number of accidents of death had happened. There are so many other risks and hazards while cleaning. So, we have to learn what are these hazards and risks? And how can we reduce them? What are the guidelines while cleaning roofs.

Possible Hazards and Risks

Following are the possible hazards and risks while roof cleaning:

  • Falls from flat or sloping roofs caused by inadequate edge protection.
  • Falls through openings in roofs such as roof lights caused by inadequate protection.
  • Falls of objects or materials from roofs caused by inadequate edge protection, toe boards etc.
  • Falls whilst gaining access to the roof for roof work and maintenance caused by poor access.
  • Manual handling of materials caused by the size, weight, temperature or chemical nature of materials.
  • Hot or harmful substances during use of hot asphalt or bitumen, welding or burning operations etc.

Considerations During the Roof Cleaning

Following considerations should be kept in mind during roof cleaning:

Considerations are a safe way of doing the job. I f we kept the following considerations in our mind then we can clean, repair, maintain or even construct our roofs without any danger and risk.

First of all, we have to know about the weather and shape of the roof. But these considerations are helpful with your experience, careful planning and knowledge. Before starting any it is necessary for all workers to learn the safety rules during work.

  • It is necessary to have the knowledge about the climate changes. If a weather is going to be rainy then the workers will be in danger while cleaning the slope shaped roofs but flat roofs can be cleaned easily.
  • It is important to understand that people are not used to cleaning the roofs so they usually fall. For the fall protection, we should use ladder or aerial lift.
  • If you are a professional worker then you must have a parapet that meets the requirements for fall protection according to OSHA. It is necessary to give your workers safe way of cleaning roofs. They do not fall from the sharp edges of the roof but from the sloppy roofs as well.
  • If you are not able to follow the safety tips during the roof cleaning then you should hire a licensed, trainer contractor rather than fall.
  • When walking on a roof, the worker should walk in the pan of the roof cladding. When this is not possible the worker’s weight should be spread evenly over two ribs, and the worker should keep as close as possible to the purlins.

You think that it is very easy to clean a roof. We simply have to flow the sabun and water on it. If you and your helper do not know the safety tips then you are actually forcing your workers in danger. So always keep the safety tips in your mind while cleaning your roofs.




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