The best recovery solution for an athlete


If you ever thought that life of an athlete is an easy one, you are absolutely wrong. It is about regular trainings and getting the best out of your body day by day in order to achieve great results. But, alongside impressive physique, higher performance and great health, our body also accumulates toxins and waste products. For this reason, many athletes switched to the IV drip. They are medical solutions that help the body get rid of those toxins and keep performance at its highest level.

It is important to know that human body is accumulating free radicals and peroxides naturally. As a result, the immune system is getting weaker and various cells like those in the brain are seriously damaged. The IV therapy is made up of nutrients that help the body to get rid of harmful substances and rebuild tissue.

Energy production and fat metabolism are two processes that play a crucial role in the body of an athlete. The therapy contains the amino acid that has a positive impact on these processes as it helps transport fatty acids into the mitochondria that boosts energy production.

The nutritional IV is also reach in minerals that are crucial for the strength of the bones and joints strong while significantly boosting the immune system. Moreover, athletes need a lot more minerals in their body than those who don’t deal with physical performance, as they are subject to slower recovery if injuries occur. Also, you as an athlete can face some with muscle gain and energy production issues. Thus, taking the necessary amount of minerals only from food is nearly impossible, that’s why it is recommended to find another source to get them from.

Who can Benefit from IV drips?

Either you are a professional or an amateur athlete, you can easily enjoy the benefits of IV therapy. It I suited to everybody who:

  • Regularly engages in sports
  • Performs mild to moderate exercise
  • Needs more power during workouts
  • Wants to recover faster after sport-related injuries

Why is this therapy different?

The Total Wellness IV ingredients have been chosen due to their detoxifying and performance improving properties. These are:

  • Manganese – A mineral able to significantly improve the immune system and at the same time keep the joints and bones strong enough. It can also speed up the recovery time after many injuries and fights certain inflammatory conditions.
  • N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) –helps to get rid of toxins that accumulate after energy conversion in a natural way. It also promotes cell production and energy transfer.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine – is an amino acid that positively impacts the production of energy and fat metabolism.

Before purchasing the IV nutrients, see your doctor and the approval to use them based on your current health condition.


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