Full-Service Moving Company


TRUSTMOVE is experienced professional Montreal relocation company supplies the luxury commercial and residential moving services at competitive prices. Friendly and reliable movers handle your belongings with maximum care using the effective techniques and the best equipment.

Whether you are moving locally or throughout the country, our moving services can certainly make your experience the very best. We are here for your convenience and satisfaction, concentrating on making your moving with us stress-free, comfortable, and safe.

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TRUSTMOVE — A Moving Company You Can Rely On!

Household Moving

TRUSTMOVE takes every one of the hassle and stress so you can easily transition to your new house. Our company provides you with a customized and perfectly planned solution as outlined by your specifications. Considering all your needs and requests, we plan every detail ahead so that you have no surprises on moving day. We find the simplest way to move your belongings with maximum efficiency and minimum stress without overpaying. Our professional movers can make your experience fast, safe and easy without stress.

Office Relocation

TRUSTMOVE takes full good care of your company’s relocation while you concentrate on business. No matter whether your company is a small venture or even a large corporation, your organization moving from an internal office transfers or even a relocation across town, our Montreal commercial movers gives you the ideal corporate relocation services possible. We provide you with an efficient coordination and planning system to lessen operational downtime with the least disruption for your business.

Wrapping & Packing

TRUSTMOVE provides complete wrapping, packing, and unpacking services. Our Montreal movers will carefully wrap and pack all of your belongings to make sure a damage free move, and safely move it to your new home. Our company is happy to deal with the entire process from packing the very first box to unpacking the last dish. Our expert movers offers you free wrapping and packing materials. With this full professional packing services your belongings will usually arrive in exactly the same shape, we picked it up.

Assembly & Installation

TRUSTMOVE provides professional furniture assembly and appliance installation service. Coming from a bedroom set to an office setup, we now have reliable people and right tools to offer high-quality service for any size job. Whether you will need household or office furniture assembly service, our expert team is always here to complete the task.


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