Common Specialisations in BBA


Banking and insurance, finance hr and information technology are one of the specialisation majors in bachelor of economic administration, a 3-year undergraduate course.

In the competitive environment, students aim at building their career just after class 12. Just after the declaration of the board results, they get busy in selecting a profession-oriented course. While earlier one had limited options, today there are many fields of study for one to choose.

BBA — A Popular Choice

Bachelor of economic Administration (BBA) is among the most popular choices among students. They are able to pursue the course coming from a government or private institution. The course is structured within a manner by which one can understand basic organization skills and communication. However, many colleges provide the ability to students to focus on certain areas. The specialisations are offered from the final year. Many of them are:

Banking and Insurance

It will make one aware of the fundaments of your banking and insurance sectors. It is focused on basic management concepts and supplies training on these subjects:

Investment banking

Risk management

International banking and insurance

Treasury operations

Infrastructure and project

Students stand an improved chance for placement and get better exposure to insurance and financial services. It can help in creating efficient financial and insurance planners.

bba college bbsr


This major prepares ones to help make forecasts and predictions about insurance and investments. Students get practical and theoretical understanding of financial components such as:

Corporate finance

Financial engineering

Portfolio management

Financial engineering

It may help them grow in-depth understanding of finance and banking and so they stand the chance to get hired by top banks and financial institutes.

Human Resource

It is among the most widely used majors in BBA course. This is a mix of general and personnel management. The HR department is amongst the most important departments associated with a organization and plays an important role in creating corporate policies. Students stand an opportunity of having in to the HR departments of top companies. They are often hired as HR manager, recruitment consultant, admin executive and product development executive.

I . T . (IT)

This is a combined study from the fundamentals than it and management. The first is made mindful of the emerging trends within it and the specialization covers syllabus in:

Computer Science

Information Database Management


Candidates are in contact with best IT practices and might bag attractive job profiles.

Candidates prepared to pursue BBA will discover regarding the admission procedure on the website of respective institutes and colleges. While some take admission depending on the marks obtained in 10 2, others conduct entrance tests.


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