Exactly why is it crucial that you find professional assisted living



At some point, many people will face enough time when it will probably be necessary to create a smart decision to help you an incredibly special person. You will definitely consider assisted living services, however the hardest thing is to discover reliable assisted living Tempe. Therefore, in case you are facing such a moment the very first time, take into consideration Because We Care retirement home.

For anyone to feel safe as well as at ease in the senior living Tempe facility, ensuring that he/she will be treated like household is of paramount importance. Here are several reasons why Because We Care is a good location for your family.

Among available services, you can find:

•Balanced nutrition taking into account special diets, allergies to foods and resident’s preferences.

•Free cable TV, phone and high-speed Internet

•Skype available to ensure that residents can see their loved ones when talking

•Free laundry and housekeeping services

•Transportation services to and from activities outside of the facility

•Scheduling of doctor appointments along with accompanied transportation back and forth from the medical centre

•Non-stop certified quality senior care

•Full medication management and administration

•And a lot more!

Service plans and reviews are customised and contained in the monthly rent. No hidden charges are applied! Purchase and pick up personal care items purchase and pick-up are available at no extra cost (the price is included with monthly rent statement). The an elderly care facility uses “smart shopper” techniques so the most cost-effective toiletries can be found.

Our Mission and Vision


BECAUSE WE CARE is a dedicated senior living tempe facility giving the community with the highest quality personal, supervisory, and directed care that you would get in the nearby area. The corporation carries a strong belief that its duty and obligation would be to create an environment in which senior residents have the same comfort, care, and compassion as though they were in the home.

The mission of Because We Care is to provide a safe and comfortable home-style environment alongside individualised treatment procedures for each and every resident. Every facet of the full program was created based on the needs and preferences from the resident.

Employees is committed to giving the residents in addition to their families the same compassionate attention that certain would expect for own family and friends.

The utmost diligence, respect and compassion are at the heart of Because We Care retirement centre. As its name already says, mainly because they care!


The core vision of Because We Care is to be a renowned assisting living provider because of the highest standard of adult personal, supervisory, and directed care.


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