Cable Management Innovation


Despite being just about the most competitive sectors from the electrical industry, cable management is often dismissed for an insignificant area of the whole specification process and you may be forgiven for thinking it really is a relatively stagnant area. However with advancements in technology, an expanding interest in flexible products and of course, affordable prices, the category has in reality seen a plethora of innovation over the last few years.

Cable Management Meets Demand

Generally specifiers, contractors and installers all demand a similar requirements from your cable management system. They want these products to be safe, reliable and meet relevant standards where applicable. However in today’s financial state, they want to achieve cost savings on installation, reducing both onsite time as well as labour figures. As these two areas remain a robust influence in the electrical sector, cable management has seen an all-natural progression into more innovative, cost-effective products to satisfy current demands. As a way to stay competitive, it’s essential to be at the forefront of new technologies, ensuring the right option is provided to the customer.

Easy Installation Saves Time & Money

Recently, cable management solutions have become a larger section of the initial planning and specification process, because of the pressure felt by specifiers to ensure tight budgets are met. Another key consideration is some time and the threat of large penalty clauses incurred for late installations. Whether or not the delay is caused on account of complications, or because highly qualified or skilled installers aren’t on site, the price can certainly mount up into a large number of pounds, therefore it is vital to keep to schedules.

Flexible Cable Conduit

A great way to reduce the cost of labour is always to utilise less qualified/skilled workers by specifying items that are simple and fast to put in, thereby reducing the potential risk of complications and ensuring the project is continued track, as skilled tradesmen need only sign off of the completed work.

Additionally it is important to specify solutions that guarantee a fast and simple installation, at the right price. There are many established products inside the cable management sector which may have evolved to be easier for well, as meeting new pricing demands in these more challenging times. An area that has seen an incredible transformation is cable trays and baskets.

Cable Tray & Basket Innovations

With steel cable trays renowned for their heavy weight and insufficient flexibility, steel wire basket alternatives have recently increased in popularity. Furthermore this solution achieve the same results as being the conventional steel tray, its versatility minimizing cost allows it to meet growing budget and time limitations by allowing easier handling and even more importantly, faster installations.

Favoured for its lightweight, versatile structure, the wire tray might be cut and formed onsite with minimal tools, providing a responsive solution, particularly in times when previously unforeseen obstacles could spell disaster for traditional, more rigid products. Innovations just like the fast-fix accessories, such as snap-fit connectors further reduce installation time, fuelling the growing trend for such fast-fix cable management products.

Alternative Materials

One innovative material being utilised for more heavy duty cable management solutions is glass reinforced polyester. This particular tray not simply offers a lightweight, affordable solution, additionally it is contains fire retardant, self-extinguishing, anti-corrosive and anti-aging properties, ensuring the highest safety in hazardous environments.


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