Bert aka as Bertsbeats has become making music all his life.

Everything started as he was young with a few instruments then your school Choir ,the church choir,the marching band. Basically music was my middle name. It did not stop there he became a D.J. ,would dj parties and sell mixtapes . Then he was a club kid where he would visit the underground clubs during the day the tunnel,limelight sound factory ,twilo and fast forward to today Cielo is his club associated with preference as he got older he type of mellowed out and gotten more into house music.

And so the blog that he or she created and runs is principally to help you new producers by helping cover their producing ,composing and arranging trance,techno and basically any type genre of edm your into. Because he has learned music theory at a young age and realizes the importance in always implementing music theory within your work and not just how important it really is so how well your music sounds once you follow theory.

He shows people how you can make dance leads,trance arpeggios,303s together with also showing people the way to utilize tension to generate interest with an otherwise boring track .Bert covers many topics on edm and much more articles will probably be written soon when they have time . One important thing about Bert is he fails to just create a post to produce one he makes certain most of his article are important and useful he or she is not one of these brilliant bloggers who just posts 5 articles each day he really takes his some time and post articles you can discover and gain some insight which can help your edm productions in the long run.So from making melodies to trance arpeggios,into a 64 bar trance anthem-main chorus riff theres pretty much something for all. He even features a techno tutorial on the website for folks who like techno. Techno is not dead and Techno is one of his favorites to create in the extra time,also, he put this techno course online aswell. So do browse the blog and subscribe so you will end up updated when Bert writes a whole new article on edm. There are more edm blogs around but ,Bert really wishes to teach newbies and help people with there edm related problems and basically become your online teacher and kind of your mentor with regards to trance music tutorial. Seeing people learn from Berts teachings make him happy knowing he could instruct you on steps to make an exotic deep house chord or perhaps a trance arpeggio,or produce a trance track from the beginning or whatever you can actually learn Bert would be at liberty.So do sign up to the blog.

Yet another thing while Bert is real passionate about music he is equally as keen about lawncare and showing people how they may fire there lawn-care guy and also have a dark green luch beautiful lawn without him. Bert has been a diy guy for quite some time now and possesses learned several tricks about lawncare he would want to express exactly like they have with edm music. So a pair of his most passionate things in their life are saved to his blog you can actually navigate in between the 2 topics depending what you are into im sure many people will not be into edm and lawn care but,providing you know its there as well as its simple to navigate to every topic.So let Bert of Bertsbeats be your goto guy for edm and lawncare.


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