Cutting Natural Stone With Water-Jets

Creating intricate patterns on stone slabs has become increasingly simple. The patterned stone work has recently become precise and efficient together with the advent of water-jet machinery. Water-jets are incredibly powerful that they could penetrate via a natural stone slab effortlessly. This enables the slab being formed in nearly any shape.

Enhanced patterns

A good example of water-jets enhancing stone patterns is custom flooring fabricated with 2 cm thick slabs cut into pieces that are great for together just like a puzzle. Similar patterns is possible with terrazzo since the material can be poured right into a place much like concrete. But unlike granite or marble floors, terrazzo is composed of crushed stone and fillers which have a small color palette. Granite and marble slab floors, alternatively, have numerous color options.

Unique wall features

Cutting stone using a water-jet is an excellent solution for creating unique wall features. Together with natural stone countertops, granite and marble slabs can be attached to a vertical surface. Stone slabs can be found in large rectangular pieces that can make an outstanding wall feature when installed upright. The most common vertical applications include fireplace surrounds and shower walls. Natural stone slabs could be cut into curves and waves using water-jet machinery. Although any cut pattern in stone is impressive considering that the material is quite dense, cutting curves or waves is inspiring. The stone naturally found is rough and rigid and once shaped to your curve, balances the tough stone having a soft pattern that may be pleasing on the eye.

Countertops which can be unusually shaped are no problem to the technology of  сut water. Granite or marble countertops designed in unique and non-rectangular shapes are popularly employed in kitchen islands and custom furniture. Cutting the stone together with the water-jet process can be a precise method that allows the designer or homeowner to get more creative — they can design the region top to a geometric shape with straight lines or an organic form with curves. A standard shape for kitchen island countertops is one where three sides are straight along with the fourth extends beyond the cabinets with the arched overhang for bar stools. Granite and marble slabs make a perfect table top that may be easy to maintain. Round and oval-shaped tables are super easy to create with water-jet machinery. This has opened the doors to style granite and marble slabs in more unconventional and artistic ways.


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