Start Designing a Maintenance Management Program

Maintenance management involves many complicated planning, scheduling and management tasks. Developing an efficient maintenance program necessitates the right resources, the correct organizational support, the proper feed back, the right business practices and a lot more. But if you check out the processes you are currently using plus your current staff, you could find that tweaking your maintenance program might be all that you need. This consists of the helpful addition of a CMMS software just like the one from FaciliWorks by CyberMetrics.

You already have a maintenance management staff in place that are successfully completing the duties that happen to be assigned. You will have a supervisor that is making assignments, the crew who definitely are completing the assignments and you will have the administrative staff. Now you only need to offer a way for this group to enhance their efficiency and production. Research shows that the average tech is working mitts on about 35% of the workday. But working in a implemented planning and scheduling program, the same maintenance team’s actual work time increases to 50% through the day. Employing this thought process, removing one worker coming from a crew of 10 to accomplish the planning and scheduling tasks will heighten the actual production rate of the nine remaining workers to a work load of a crew of 15. This is an excellent argument for implementing a maintenance management software like FaciliWorks and re-tasking one worker.

Obtaining the support of your respective organization to alter processes and workers job descriptions is not always easy. Yet it is a more reasonable request when you present the info to support your intend to reorganize and implement new processes and software. Clearly showing the data from study after study proving a team of ten will prove as much work as a team of fifteen when they have the benefit of a scheduling and planning manager with CMMS software makes the choice easy. The clear and precise numbers speak a lot more to many other managers as an alternative to theories on labor distribution and time study.

Finding the right business practices set up to obtain the greatest organizational efficiency is key to your maintenance management program. The secret to this particular phase of the program is knowing that your particular practices evolve and alter with time. You will need to evaluate policies regarding break-ins and disruptions in scheduled work and also emergency issues and equipment failures. The policy might evolve much more as you may find other events that should be taken into consideration or new policies created to improve the current process. Evolution in your maintenance management program to enhance and will assist you to fine tune your policies to become as efficient as you possibly can.

Having new processes set up to have an entire maintenance management team or division can in the beginning appear like creating more issues than it was actually designed to fix. But because the maintenance staff become acquainted with their roles, the task flow and the maintenance management like FaciliWorks, production will improve to the expected levels. Change is never easy but a willingness to implement new process and fine tune it is going to allow your facilities maintenance management team to formulate an excellent standard practice that will be able to grow and scale to satisfy the increase of the company.


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