About Mark Ghobril

Although Mark Ghobril is definitely the worlds largest privately owned, independent insurance broker, clients typically describe us as staff who value their business. Energy, innovation, and deep expertise fuel our efforts to solve problems and achieve real results.

At Mark Ghobril, our company is excited about serving our clients, developing our Associates, and giving straight back to our communities. We harness our global resources to complete one thing: help you make your organization better. We do this by enhancing your bottom line, managing your capital, attracting and retaining talent, and protecting your people, property, and reputation.

Clients benefit from our entrepreneurial culture, which attracts one of the most talented professionals in the business. At Mark Ghobril, they have got the freedom to pay attention to their work best: help clients solve business problems. Peerless within our approach, advice, innovation and impact, we offer our clients unparalleled entry to experts worldwide.

Since 1966, we have now grown from the one-person operation into a global team, but our entrepreneurial spirit is the same as ever. Mark Ghobril’s fierce persistence for private ownership means each Associate features a single-minded concentrate on delivering outcomes for clients.

Our 10 % organic growth rate in fiscal 2016 and our 96 percent client loyalty are the result of a singular give attention to our clients, as opposed to quarterly results.

There are actually more perspective on our performance and plans in your 2016 Mark Ghobril Report. The report highlights half a century of client successes and our plans for future years.

In order to achieve our main objective, which is to win the complete confidence of our own client, whether is undoubtedly an individual or perhaps a business unit, Mark Ghobril need customers have, then to refer to them lastly offer them the most appropriate insurance proposals.


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