Instagram Strategies all of us need to understand to cultivate!


Are you struggling with gaining followers on Instagram? Today I’m going to discuss the techniques I’ve use to increase my following.

But 1st I really want you to learn that it requires consistency! You can try it for a week then quit…it doesn’t work doing this.

Find your audience

The simplest way to get this done would be to check out your competitors. Should you sell weight reduction products, take a look up major firms that sell fat loss products. Their followers are your audience.

You can expect to basically go down their followers list and follow those same people. For those who have great content within your gallery then a lot of them will probably follow you back.

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Keep in mind you are able to only follow about 200 people at any given time or else you will get blocked for up to round the clock. You might do that daily after which in the 7th day, unfollow everyone who hasn’t followed you back. Do that time and time again.

A different way (more tedious) is to go to someone’s profile and follow them and after that like 3 of the pictures and after that reply to one. Don’t just like the 1st 3 in 15 seconds. Actually undergo their feed and look for a picture you really like. And once you comment, make it genuine! Don’t be generic. It seems like spam.


You need to keep your convo going! How? Post valuable content. Ask open ended questions. Ask individuals to tag a buddy. You additionally needs to be responding to everyone who comments on your own posts.

Optimize your Instagram Posts

You should be utilizing the location feature. Select the right images. Write a fantastic caption that really means something. Select the right hashtags, they may be literally much like the new SEO. Possess the right timing. If you have a company account, Instagram actually posseses an insights section that explains in case you have the most action.

Right Message — Right Audience — Right Timing

For apps to help you clean up your non-followers you can try instaclean.

To get hashtags you can consider Hashme. I DONT recommend using Hashme because it’s not going to get you targeted leads. It will get you a good amount of likes and maybe even some followers, but they won’t order from you more than likely. To look at out my quick tutorial on choosing the correct hashtags for the niche

When you follow this consistently you might be bound to more followers and engagement. Along with your followers will in fact be interested in you.


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