Kinds of Martial Arts Training Using Katanas


It absolutely was in 2002 the Chinese film Hero surfaced and took the planet by storm. Of many countless weapons utilized in the movie, the one that separated itself was the Japanese-origin Katana. It was actually used liberally through the entire movie. Katana has not remained static after it was first designed. It changed with times. These swords were generally known as Jokoto at first and were being used till 900 A D. They gave approach to Koto that lasted for nearly 700 years from 900 to 1596 A D. Then came Shinto in 1596 and was popular till 1780 A D.

We could say the modern era within the question of Katana had started slowly emerging then with Shinshinto coming over to the fore in 1781 and being in use till 1876. Truly modern swords that came into finding yourself in 1876 and lasted till 1945 were called Gendaito. The current Katana used is Shinsakuto that made its presence in 1953.

Katana’s Emergence

To tell apart between its precursor, Tachi, that has been ineffective from the armor of Mongols, the new improvised sword called Katana made its entrance. Close-combat warfare demanded an even more precise weapon and Katana was the perfect solution for that samurais. Response time being very short along with the sharpened edge facing up, Katana was more apt to tackle the problem. The length of the blade has not remained a similar. Its current length is 73 centimeters.

Though Katana is definitely an incredible weapon, warriors prefer to experience a companion sword smaller in dimensions like wakizashi. Another sword to pair with Katana is daisho but no-one except a samurai can wear it. It is actually indicative of a samurai’s social standing and private honor.


An important and spectacular martial art that uses katana is Kendo. It came into existence before Meiji Reformation. It primarily replaced Itto-RyuKenjutsu school of karate. Here too, the long sword Katana is associated with the short one wakizashi.

Kendo can be used a proxy to some fight with the actual sword. Kata lacks for use in addition to the short sword in the event. The brutality, however, fails to decrease a good slight degree.

Modern Katana aka Gendaito

Samurais were disbanded during Meiji era in addition to their privilege to sport swords was withdrawn. There was clearly also a ban of swords including Katana in Japan during 1945 to 1953.

Using the Japanese having discouraged the application of the Katanas, some western swordsmiths began which makes them with steel alloys like L6 and A2. They took care to create the Katanas as replicas from the Japanese Samurai weapons. These modern metal types along with the new technology have the ability to make sharper and stronger blades with no harm to the handiwork.

These are used for laido, the Japanese art that requires anyone to be sharply mindful of the enemy and carry out sudden reprisal. Laido can not be reported to be perfect in the event the sword is not really drawn from the scabbard and cut up or strike the opponent. This is only the attack part. The perpetrator must execute more tasks without in which the katana routine is not really complete.

In one fell swoop, he needs to draw the blood from the blade and insert the katana back into the sheath, all in one movement. Incredible speed that accompanies numerous years of practice is of essence. Cutting practice generally known as tameshigiri also uses modern katana.


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