Offer Jewelry Store Consumer Financing


Your business model is straightforward. You will make money when individuals purchase jewelry. However, you are aware that while your small business model is not difficult, business isn’t easy. What you really need is to get customers to enjoy more cash. What happens if there is a basic technique to be competitive together with the biggest jewelry stores on the planet?

•Easy Financing right down to a 600 credit rating.

•Offer no credit check financing to credit challenged customers.

•Offer % Promotions like 6 and 12 months identical to cash.

•Instant Approvals through the Internet Ready Device.

•round the clock / one week a week approvals.

•Customers get a Auto Shop Charge Card along with your Company Name and Logo.

•You get paid within 24 to 48 hrs.

•No long contract to sign.

•No fees each month.

No machines to acquire or lease

Jewelry Store Financing being a Competitive Advantage

You happen to be already dealing with stiff price competition and thin margins. Additionally you must compete with the promotions the big stores run:

•90 days financing at %

•1 year same as cash

•Instant credit approval

In addition to that, however you also must compete with 1000s of websites offering similar products. How could you possibly be in business, not to mention thrive? VIP Financing Solutions provides the answer. We partner with jewelry store owners to offer jewelry store consumer financing, backed by no credit check financing. You as well will offer special promotions for example 6 or 1 year just like cash. It is possible to give your prospects the chance to instantly qualify for financing.

If you have the correct jewelry store consumer financing, backed by no credit check financing partner you do have a competitive advantage over all others. It is possible to provide the same deals because the big stores while still offering superior service. Unlike your online competitors, it is possible to offer stronger upsells and cross-promotions. VIP Financing Solutions lets you make more profit per customer.

No Extra Equipment Needed

Unlike a number of other financing solutions, you don’t need any fancy equipment. All you need is an internet connection along with a computer, smartphone, or tablet. There are actually no terminals to rent. Instead both you and your customers will make use of our secure, proprietary, cloud based application program.

Jewelry Consumer Financing

Credit approvals receive in just a matter of moments, generally decisions being made right away. You won’t have to worry about delays or credit applications resulting in the line to back-up. There has never been an easier means for merchants to access consumer financing.

How VIP Financing Solutions Works together with Your Jewelry Store

Once you submit your customer for approval, the VIP Financing Solutions system scans countless different providers. This gives your potential customers the very best possibility of acquiring a credit approval. This site offers no credit check financing. It will be the perfect jewelry financing solution for customers with a bad credit score or no credit.

Because the financing is carried out through third-party institutions, you will be at no risk for customer charge backs or defaults. Our merchants also get their funds within 24-2 days from the transaction. There is absolutely no need to wait for weeks as well as months for your profits ahead rolling in.

VIP Financing Solutions is focused on helping jewelry stores grow and turn into more profitable. There is absolutely no long term contract. There is a full menu of various options you can decide on. Since you will not be stuck in the long-term contract you could add services as you may grow and become more comfortable with our industry-leading jewelry store consumer financing, backed by no credit check financing options. You can even produce a branded, store visa or mastercard.

Everything about the Customer

We know that inside the jewelry business it is centered on the customer. We want to enable you to grow your business by providing your potential customers more options. Research indicates customers who get access to financing have got a higher lifetime value. We don’t would like customers to need to make a choice from the bracelet and also the earrings. You want you so as to sell the consumer both. With VIP Financing Solutions, as the partner, your clients will appear to you being a hero.

Our goal is to successfully hold the time for you to do the things you do best: Helping customers get the perfect jewelry for every single occasion. Whenever you partner along with us we look after all the information from the financing. All you want do is help your potential customers and count your hard earned money.

Contact VIP Financing Services right now to see how we can help you grow your jewelry store by providing jewelry store consumer financing, backed by no credit check financing.


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