Helpful information for the Pros and Cons of Rubber Roofing Solutions


Many homeowners have probably never considered rubber roofing for his or her property, or aren’t even conscious of its existence. Homeowners could be prone to think about a rubber roofing solution if they were better informed, based on P Duckworth Roofing Middleton, a major roofer in the market.

Known throughout the roofing industry as EPDM, the huge benefits certainly outweigh the drawbacks with regards to rubber roofing.

Cost Effective — P Duckworth Roofing can easily demonstrate that the cost of a rubber roofing solution compares extremely favourably using the alternatives, and that includes the fee for an authorized roofer. Reduced labour and installation costs, as a result of lightweight, malleable nature of your material signifies that along with the affordable of EPDM like a material you’ll be getting good value. The application of heat during construction will have a detrimental effect upon a homeowner’s insurance coverage, but because the rubber is glued in place rather than heated, this isn’t an issue.

Durability — There are actually few or no seams with regards to rubber roofs, as they’re laid down utilizing a single component of EPDM, depending on your roof layout. Water damage is mitigated, seeing as there are few places for water to seep in on account of few or no seams. And because modern rubber is just not susceptible to the suns UV and ultraviolet rays, a rubber roof which is properly installed by a licensed roofer can last half a century or even longer. Even large hailstones and high winds don’t pose difficulties for rubber roofs. A evidence of its durability, roofer roofs from your 1970s will still be utilized.

Roofing Contractor

Repairwork is not hard to execute by a seasoned roofer and therefore might be fixed quickly and cheaply. Most of the time a tube of liquid rubber is all that is needed; in other cases a particular tape designed specially for repairing rubber will complete the task. In every event, repairing one of these simple roofs, when and if it must become necessary, is virtually never an issue.

Maintenance is an additional advantage. Regarding maintenance, rubber roofing requires little care in comparison to the alternatives. Most maintenance reaches perhaps repainting your roof employing an acrylic paintpaint every dozen years approximately.

Rubber represents an environmentally friendly choice. When compared with other roofing materials, rubber roofing uses less energy inside the manufacturing process and is particularly often made up of recycled materials. Following its longevity, the rooftop is completely recyclable.

Resistant to fire — Not just is unquestionably a roof extremely difficult to set afire, despite a lightning strike, although the rubber is actively resistant to all forms of fire and might slow a fire to the level that assist has time and energy to arrive, say P Duckworth Roofing Services. Lowered insurance costs are frequently an additional benefit with regards to installing a rubber roof.

Power efficient — Particularly with more lightly coloured residential roofing, the homeowner may benefit from reduced air conditioning costs as EPDM can be a reflective material. Inside the colder months, you can expect to make use of increased insulation, reducing energy costs by trapping heat inside your home. Under extreme cold, you needn’t be worried about rubber freezing or crackingcracking. Modern EPDM roofing was created to take both extremes of cold in addition to heat.

Among the primary drawbacks into a rubber roof is its appearance. Black is the default colour for the majority of installations. However, many manufacturers now produce a white or off-white for residential use, in fact it is quite simple and inexpensive for a homeowner to get an EPDM roof painted almost any color by having an acrylic paint. It’s actually recommended to utilize an acrylic paint in the roof anyway mainly because it enhances the roof’s durability.

An excellent roofer assists you to mimic the look of singles by cutting the EPDM rubber into long, thin strips. It’s possible to have the look of any more expensive shingled roof using faux rubber shingles. Rubber shingles offer versatility when it comes to appearance as well as the unbeatable protection they offer for more than 50 years.


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