Rubber Roofing — The Pros and Cons


In terms of deciding on a roofing material, homeowners aren’t mindful of the opportunity great things about rubber roofing. But Rooftop Systems Ltd., a highly experienced roofer, believes it is time that a lot of them did.

Rubber roofing, referred to as EPDM, is a great range of material for a roof, with the pros overshadowing the cons.

One of the big benefits to rubber, based on Rooftop Systems Stoke-on-Trent, may be the price. Although a property owner must use a licensed installer to put down this roof, the cost of the full job still favorably compares to the cost for other roofing. Reduced labour and installation costs, due to lightweight, malleable nature of the material implies that as well as the inexpensive of EPDM like a material you’ll be getting good value. The use of heat during construction could have a detrimental effect upon a homeowner’s insurance plan, but because the rubber is glued into place instead of heated, this isn’t a challenge.

Rubber can also be durable, according to our roofer. The majority of these roofs are laid in one piece, which means there are actually no seams or hardly any, based on the exact layout of the roof. Water can’t seep in easily since there are few seams because of it to successfully pass through. And also since modern rubber will not be susceptible to the suns UV and ultraviolet rays, a properly-installed rubber roof can last 50 years or even longer. Large hailstones and high winds make little influence on rubber roofs, making it the ideal choice for areas with harsh winters. Many rubber roofs laid down inside the 1970s continue to be utilized today.

Repairs are easy, quick and cheap — A unique tape designed specifically for rubber repair will suffice, or alternatively a tube of liquid rubber is going to do. Whenever necessary, repairing an EPDM rubber roof normally poses no problems whatsoever.

Rooftop Systems Ltd

Maintenance is yet another advantage. When it comes to maintenance, rubber roofing requires little care when compared to the alternatives. Probably the most which a homeowner may decide to do is usually to repaint the rooftop with acrylic paint once every 10 to 12 years.

Environmentally friendly — When compared with other roofing materials, our roofer states that rubber roofing uses less energy inside the manufacturing process and is also often comprised of recycled materials. Following its extended life, the roofing is utterly recyclable.

Fire resistant — In addition to being almost completely fire retardant, rubber will slow down the progress of the internal fire at your residence. After installing a rubber roof, the homeowner should check with their insurer to learn if they’re qualified to receive lower premiums.

EPDM roofs may also be extremely power efficient. An EPDM roof reflects the suns heat, especially the lighter-coloured roofs intended for residential use, saving the homeowner considerably on air conditioning costs. Reduced energy bills tend to be a consequence of EPDM roofing, as rubber is a great insulator. Under extreme cold, you needn’t concern yourself with rubber freezing or cracking. Rubber roofing is exceedingly versatile regarding its suitability to both cold and hot weather.

One of several primary drawbacks to your rubber roof is its appearance. EPDM rubber roofing is mostly black in colour. Our experienced roofer doesn’t consider this as a big drawback as numerous EPDM roofs have become finished in the white or off-white paint for residential usage because of this, as well as they might be painted virtually any colour employing an acrylic paint without excessive trouble or expense. It’s actually recommended to work with an acrylic paint around the roof anyway since it improves the roof’s durability.

EPDM roofing can even be created in long thin strips, as a way to mimic the look of shingles, as outlined by Rooftop Systems. Faux shingles allow a rubber roof to look almost exactly look other neighbourhood roofs. And, naturally, rubber shingles may be painted almost any color to resemble other roofs while still offering the homeowner with half a century or maybe more of unsurpassed protection.


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