Strategies for Picking the right Boiler System for your house


A lot of people understand the immense selection of homes when it comes to architecture, layout and utility, but less thus it seems with regards to deciding on the best boiler system for your house, according to Nick Newbould Plumbing and Heating Ltd. We’ve consulted having a qualified gas engineer to give you a ‘breakdown’ of the advantages and disadvantages related to some common boiler systems.

Combi Boiler

The way it operates:

Combis are sealed systems, giving you very hot water for both the taps and central heating system system, heating up water entirely from your mains as and when it is actually required — meaning there’s no requirement of any boiling water storage cylinder, together with a cistern in the the rooftop area.

Advantages: Combis are quicker, much easier and, when compared to system boilers, tend to be more affordable to install when working with a competent gas engineer like Nick Newbould Plumbing and Heating Stockton-on-Tees, along with space-saving due to deficiency of a cylinder or cistern. Water is supplied at mains pressure, so that you can enjoy a stronger (yet not power) shower.

Disadvantages: Its a priority system, as a result it just relates to one heating demand at any given time with an acceptable standard. While appropriate for modest families with one bathroom, large families will be affected from inadequate flow rates in situations where multiple outlets are employed at the same time. Functionality is furthermore based on the diameter from the pipe getting into the property: when it’s below 22mm, then a combi is a bad choice, Nick Newbould Plumbing and Heating claim.

System Boiler

How they work:

System boilers are designed for sealed heating systems, but unlike combis they function around the basic principle of holding warm water in the cylinder, so as to supply several outlets simultaneously at mains pressure. There isn’t a need for a cistern from the loft as well as the expansion vessel is constructed in.

Advantages: Our qualified gas engineer considers them suitable for bigger properties with higher demands, and since they already have a lot of their important components built in (i.e. expansion vessel and pump), installation is quicker, cheaper and tidier. Flow rates are often high as water is delivered at mains pressure, and also hot water is instantaneous.

Drawbacks: Is going to consume your entire warm water whenever overused. Numerous fitters claim they can be more intricate and so at risk of issues over standard boilers, as an example pressure loss.

Regular/Conventional Boiler

The way they work:

Regular boilers are now primarily obtained as replacements for homes with an open-vented heating system (i.e. supplied through a feed and expansion cistern inside your roof space, which suggests the machine is open to air). Much like system boilers, they work towards the essential principle of stored water and desire another warm water cylinder.

Nick Newbould Plumbing and Heating Ltd

Advantages: Water out of your taps will likely be at a good flow rate (not to be wrongly identified as pressure) plus very hot water can be provided instantaneously. This is the perfect setup for any power shower, that demands a cold water feed from the cistern together with a standalone electric pump.

Drawbacks: Theyre higher priced to put in, having more components and pipework, along with demanding more space. They might have problems with low pressure once the cistern is not placed high enough, which means this means additional shower boosters can be necessary. Boiling water can run out.

Hopefully you’re now armed with a little more info to produce an informed decision with regards to picking the right boiler system for your home, by way of just a little insight from the qualified gas engineer.


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