What’s the ideal Wood for your personal Kitchen Floor?


Despite its simplicity and widespread availability, it’s an easy task to be overwhelmed by the amount of wood types and finishes available on the market. Choose the best try to find your kitchen area using our detailed guide, by using experienced carpenter 1st Class Property Solutions.

More than every other surface in your house, the kitchen floor takes all. Spilled juice in the breakfast table, muddy paw prints from your pooch, even your children’s spontaneous games of indoor hockey. That’s why this high-traffic room requires a floor that may withstand ordinary wear. To wonder: Does a wood floor belong in your kitchen? The reply is yes, provided you’re prepared to wipe up spills when they happen included in an ordinary maintenance routine.

Wood Finishes

Most modern day wood finishes may be used in terms of kitchen flooring, as outlined by 1st Class Property Solihull. easily re-coated or touched up and ideal at retaining the colour of the wood signifies that the very best finishes tend to be clear water-base . the strongest water-base finish doesn’t only coat the surface, it’s an acrylic-impregnated, factor-applied finish which actually penetrates the wood. While it’s factual that Acrylic-impregnated floors are costlier, they are also stronger and require less maintenance. oil-base finishes often fade for an amber color as time passes, making future touch-ups difficult — a disadvantage in the high-traffic room like the kitchen.


Finishes can be found in sheens from low-shine satin to high-gloss. Most carpenters consider that the best for a kitchen is really a satin-sheen finish, since they are great at hiding food particles and dirt.


Hardwoods, like oak, maple, and cherry, are definitely the most durable, as outlined by 1st Class Property. Softwoods, for example pine, will dent — regardless of whether treated with a penetrating finish. To get a rustic kitchen, however, a distressed pine floor may be only the look you would like. When you compare wood species, also look at the grain. Superior to woods with increased subtle grains, oak possesses a distinguished grain pattern that hides dents and dirt better.

Local Carpentry Services


Choose Flooring strips with square edges. a floor with beveled-edge strips will accumulate dirt and food, whereas square-edged strips create tight, debris-blocking seams.


On the whole, wipe up spills immediately to prevent stains. Keep to the flooring manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines. To protect floors from wear and sand and grit damage, place rugs at outside entrances and while watching appliances and sinks. And employ protective tips and pads under furniture.


This varies dependant upon species, finish, and thickness. Per square metre, the price of an installed oak-strip floor is around Ј15.

Complementing Other Work Surfaces

Most carpenters assume that the cabinets as well as the floor should ideally contrast, unless you wish to gain a monochromatic look. If you would like use darker flooring, it’s perhaps advisable to choose cabinets made out of a lighter wood, or painted a pale colour. When compared to the showroom, your choosing flooring may look different so be aware of this. Another thing to consider is The quantity of light in the kitchen will change the each day appearance of your floor.


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