Your Property along with your Boiler — Making an ideal Match


We’ve consulted with a qualified gas engineer from Pulsar Plumbing and Heating to assist supply you, the homeowner, using a helpful help guide to choosing the right boiler system for your property.

System Boiler

System boilers are created for sealed heating systems, however unlike combis they function about the basic principle of holding boiling water within a cylinder, to enable them to look after several outlets simultaneously at mains pressure. Theres no requirement for a cistern in the loft and also the expansion vessel is built in.

Advantages: Fitted to larger homes with greater requirements, and also, since they’ve got almost all of their key components internal (i.e. expansion vessel and pump), installation is speedier, more inexpensive and neater. As flow rates are generally high because water is supplied at mains pressure, not to mention instant very hot water, Pulsar Plumbing Bristol recommend system boilers for larger families.

Disadvantages: Will deplete all of your boiling water if overused. Our gas engineer states they’re more technical and so at risk of complications in comparison to standard boilers, including pressure loss.

Regular/Conventional Boiler

Regular boilers are largely purchased as replacements for houses with an open-vented heating system (i.e. supplied by using a feed and expansion cistern in your roof space, what this means is the machine is available to air). Similar to system boilers, they work on the basic principle of stored water and require a separate hot water cylinder.

Advantages: Pulsar Plumbing says that water flowing through the taps will be in a good flow rate (to not be confused with pressure) as well as warm water might be supplied instantly. It’s the most appropriate setup for the power shower, that necessitates a cold water feed throughout the cistern including a standalone electric pump.

Disadvantages: Our gas engineer deems those to be costlier to setup, needing more components and pipework, in addition to requiring extra room. They could suffer from low pressure in case your cistern isn’t positioned sufficient, which implies additional shower boosters may be needed. Hot water can run out.

Combi Boiler

Combis represent sealed systems, providing you with hot water for both the taps and central heating system system, starting to warm up the liquid directly from the mains whenever it can be necessary — this simply means there’s no need for a hot water storage cylinder, along with a cistern in the the rooftop area.

Pulsar Plumbing and Heating

Advantages: Combis tend to be faster, much easier plus less expensive to fit when compared with system boilers, as well as space-saving because of the absence of a cylinder or cistern. Water comes at mains pressure, so you’re in a position to like a stronger (however, not power) shower.

Disadvantages: Its a top priority system, consequently it just handles one heating demand at any moment to a acceptable standard. While fine for small families who have one bathroom, our gas engineer states that large families are experiencing bad flow rates in cases where multiple outlets are employed simultaneously. Functionality is additionally reliant on the diameter of the pipe entering the home: when it’s below 22mm, then this combi is generally a bad choice.


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