A Handy Guide to Finding the right Wood for your personal Kitchen Floor.


Despite its simplicity and widespread availability, it’s an easy task to be overwhelmed by the amount of wood types and finishes available. We’ve teamed up with John Linsley’s Property Services, an experienced kitchen fitter, that will help you pick the best seek out your house using our detailed guide.

More than almost every other surface at home, the kitchen floor takes all. Spilled juice at the breakfast table, muddy paw prints from your pooch, even your children’s spontaneous games of indoor hockey. That’s why this high-traffic room requires a floor that will withstand ordinary wear. So we asked an experienced kitchen fitter: does a wood floor belong with the cooking? Sure — provided that you’re willing to wipe up spills and stick with a maintenance routine.

Wood Finishes

In terms of kitchen flooring, most present day finishes are suitable. Clear water-base finishes are frequently best mainly because they retain the wood’s color and can easily be touched up or re-coated . Rather than merely coating the outer lining, the strongest water-base finish is surely an acryclic impregnated, factory-applied finish that really penetrates the wood. Acrylic-impregnated floors could be more expensive, but they are stronger and require less upkeep. A drawback to oil-base finishes is that as time passes they often fade with an amber colour, making touchups difficult.

Varieties of Sheen

From high-gloss to low-shine satin, finishes come in a number of sheens. Satin-sheen finishes work best mainly because they hide dirt and food particles.


Hardwoods, like oak, maple, and cherry, are the most durable, according to John Linsley’s. Pine and also other softwoods will dent, regardless of whether a penetrating finish is utilized. In the event you require a more rustic look however, a distressed pine floor is a wonderful choice. Be sure you also consider the grain when comparing wood species. By using example, oak with its pronounced grain pattern is superior at hiding dents and dirt in contrast to more subtle grains.

Wood Edges

Make sure you choose flooring strips with square edges. Creating tighter seams which block debris for example food and dirt, strips with square edges really are a more sensible choice as opposed to those with beveled edges.


To stop staining, spills would be best taken care of immediately. Adhere to the cleaning guidelines lay out with the flooring manufacturer. To protect floors from wearwear and sand and grit damage, place rugs at outside entrances and in front of the appliances and sinks. Underneath furniture, use protective pads and tips.


Depending on factors such as finish, species and thickness, costs can vary. Anticipate paying about Ј15 or even more per square foot for an installed oak-strip floor.

John Linsley’s Property Services

Complementing Other Work Surfaces

Unless you’re striving for any monochromatic look, the cabinets and flooring should contrast, as outlined by John Linsley’s South Shields. For instance, if you choose a dark floor, you might want cabinets painted a pale color or created from a mild wood. Keep in mind that the floor you select may look different in your own home in comparison to a showroom. Another factor to consider is the volume of light with the cooking will modify the daily appearance of the floor.


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