Klobic — banner maket


Create static, animated, and interactive smart banners quickly. Pick a custom size or possibly a personalized template from the gallery. Include a background, insert your text, and shapes while testing different colors and designs to make outstanding banners.

Leverage the effectiveness of banners for social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter plus more), web, and mobile to bring in followers, expand your venture, start a perception, or revamp your image.

User friendly

No design experience? No issue. You can create a killer banner with our platform

Create in minutes

Preloaded with templates and 1000 professional themes to make your banner

Share instantly

Share anywhere with the one reliable one-touch function

Get Inspired

Don’t limit your creative process, get inspired with our gallery

If you want to build a banner like a professional, using a design adapted towards the new standards, Klobic is actually a solution. Not merely allows you to design your very own banner in certain steps, and it also is easy and intuitive; the sole thing is difficult to decide on the usage of the multiple tools it offers.

The first thing to do is to generate a user account, it is rather simple, once created, you enter with the data generated and you may quickly start to produce the banner you will need. You will discover two options inside the menu: My banners and make new.

Now, become familiar with the tools in the Klobic editor:

If you access My banners there you will see all of the designs you may have made, that will be available without notice. You may edit them anytime.

Within the area of Create New you can find two alternatives: Display Ads and Social Media; Inside the first you will notice the most popular banner options and an additional option marked using a box as well as the “ ” in between, which supplies us the chance to set the actual size of our preference.

From the Social Websites section, as being the name implies, you can find the sizes defined for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest, as in the previous section, there is a alternative of giving the banner for social network a Custom size.

Once you have chosen the shape and kind of banner you can begin editing it. You are going to immediately begin to see the spectrum of tools available, distributed in a side menu that contains: Templates (static and animated), Banner Background, Add text, Photos, Shapes, Buttons and More, where are definitely the Video and Embed options


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