Manage your groceries with the CLAX TROLLEY

Grocery shopping can be converted from fun into a daunting act when you have to carry the bags from the malls to the car. In case the car is a few miles away you should get ready for the walk. The bags are often uncomfortable and hard to carry. This is the reason that customers often request for a trolley.

Unfortunately, due to some recent cases, the supermarkets do not allow to take the trolley to the car. It has made the matter worse. In this situation, your best shopping partner would be the CLAX TROLLEY. Here we have everything you need to know about this amazing invention.


Clax is a recently introduced brand that has grabbed the attention of its customers by providing them the best quality items. Now they have introduced the CLAX TROLLEY for the markets and the customers.

The trolley has been manufactured with the best quality material and this is the reason it will serve you for a long time. There is a box and a bottom shelf in the trolley that will make it easier for you to manage all the products efficiently. You can take the trolley anywhere you like and easily add the products. Even the supermarket owners can have this exception item that will enhance the experience of their customers.

It has been manufactured with the latest technology that makes it easy to drag even on the uneven surface and within few seconds you will be able to reach your destination. Kids would love to have a ride on the CLAX TROLLEY because of its special kid’s compartment. The biggest attraction is the color of the trolley that will easily merge with the surrounding of the store.


Some of the interesting features you will come across in the product are.

  • You can increase or decrease the size of the compartments in the box of the CLAX TROLLEY.
  • It has been designed with a special technology that will make it easier for you to fold the trolley within seconds.
  • You can easily keep it in the car and take it out whenever you require
  • There is no special maintenance of the trolley and all you have to do is oil its wheels on regular basis
  • The best thing about the CLAX TROLLEY is that it is available at the most affordable rate and so you will not have to disturb your budget
  • It can easily handle the weight up to 132 LBs

Bottom line

If it is hard for you to carry the bags to your vehicle, CLAX TROLLEY will be the perfect solution that you have been looking for. the quality material and perfect manufacturing will make your life easier. So make sure that you order your trolley today before it gets out of stock. The item will be delivered to your doorstep with 5 days or even less. For more information about the CLAX TROLLEY, you can visit our website.


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